Watch Balkan Spy 1984 movie

  • Title: Balkan Spy
  • Release year: 1984
  • Director: Dusan Kovacevic
  • Actors: Danilo 'Bata', Stojkovic, Bora Todorovic, Mira Banjac, Sonja Savic, Zvonko Lepetic, Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic, Predrag Lakovic, Branka Petric, Milivoje Tomic, Milan Strljic, Dusan Kovacevic
  • Movie length: 95 min.
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Drama

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You will certainly get so many of cool feelings and will like acting of Mira Banjac, Dusan Kovacevic, Danilo 'Bata', Sonja Savic during watching Balkan Spy, the best of all Comedy films of 1984. The idea of Balkan Spy is cool and acting of Mira Banjac makes it so realistic and so good. We give rate 10 from 10 and we recommend everyone to start watching it now! There are just 95 min that will bring you so many of so great pleasurable impressions. You got amazing movie to see now. This is a awesome! If you haven't seen this movie yet then you must watch it. Open your eyes to this awesome story. Don't be against and don't miss a chance of having a lot of pleasure examining this Balkan Spy and you will not and could not stay indifferent or something like this. This is certainly the best of all tapes in the Comedy genre in year 1984. So, all the stuff we interested to advise you to do – is to sit comfortable and start getting a lot of pleasure examining the video with participation of famous actors: Mira Banjac, Dusan Kovacevic, Danilo 'Bata', Sonja Savic. The duration of the tape is 95 min and this great time will bring you a lot of great pleasurable impressions! Don't wait. Go and begin watching this movie right now. Do not hesitate to like our site.

This film was one of the top in 1984. Excellent music, fantastic picture.

If there are free 95 minutes of life and do not know about how to spend them then you could check up Balkan Spy that is not interesting action in Drama niche of year 1984. Maybe you could find some moments of the action that would even be interesting for you but the action with not good acting of Mira Banjac, Predrag Lakovic, Zvonko Lepetic is not cool, if you want us to tell the truth. So, if you want, you could check it up but in our opinion, there are some more interesting things to do in your free time.

Balkan Spy is so boring film. We think, one of the worst actions of 1984. Running time is 95 minutes of uninteresting content with unrealistic play of Mira Banjac and all other Mira Banjac, Predrag Lakovic, Zvonko Lepetic. You do not believe in things they are doing, it is impossible to believe in dialogs, you don't believe in feelings that they are playing. It is possible to say for sure that Balkan Spy is one of the most tedious and unimpressive actions in Drama. The rates of the movie are very low. Watch the movie if you have some boring free time and want to waste 95 minutes of life.

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